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We are committed to creating and building

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Cristopher Alcaino Construction L.L.C. starts its activities in the year 2021.

Over the years, we have gained experience, totaling 18 years as individual and independent workers.

Our experience and motivation leads to the creation of a family business with multiple objectives, consolidating the experience in different areas of residential and commercial construction and remodeling giving the started of Alcaino L.L.C.


Provide the best and most adequate service in construction and remodeling to all our clients.

We want to improve the quality of life of our clients, taking care of all their projects, construction and remodeling, giving greater importance to each objective of each client.

We want our clients to make the best use of their ideas as well as their economic resources and so that they obtain efficient and economic benefits in better prices and quality.


To be the best access channel for our clients, according to each unique need, with a focused and dedicated team according to construction and remodeling needs

effectively managing each individual projects, according to your needs, tastes and preferences.




Our values ​​characterize and define us as a company oriented towards

client, providing solutions tailored to each client, according to their needs.




We make a mix between loyalty, transparency and honesty in commercial terms (Business), delivering a commitment to our clients, society and community.



We carry out our work in a shared and in a organized way, through a single common objective "companionship", following common rules and behavioral agreements, supported by our experience and according to the work to be developed in each area of ​​Construction and Remodeling.


Honesty and Transparency

We develop our work guided by the truth with honesty, responsibility and with total transparency in the development of each draft. This leads us to be more competitive and support our work.


We create a committed relationship in each project, from the beginning to

the end, getting the best possible.


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