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Home is where the heart is; your space should live up to this.


Home renovation is where Alcaino LLC all started. I began my contracting experience by working for companies renovating homes. They both then became self-employed general contractors and finally started Alcaino LLC. Along the way they gained invaluable experience about everything related to home renovations and have used that knowledge at the foundation of Alcaino LLC. Each member of our team is trained based on the experience of mine to ensure that every home project is met with a proper budget and time estimation.


Having worked with homes from a wide variety of eras, Alcaino LLC is able to properly prepare for any issues. This guarantees that you wont be surprised by an ancient electrical problem, an uneven subfloor, or anything else you could imagine. We will plan appropriately so that the time and money we have agreed upon for the project remain the same until the end. Our confidence in this is met with a guarantee to all of our home renovation clients that they will be satisfied with the result or we will tackle the project again.





Once we enter into a partnership together, we will decide the scope of the project. At this point the final cost and time required will be discussed and agreed upon. This ensures that you are only inconvenienced for the agreed upon amount of time and the project doesn’t become more of a burden than positive experience.


We will walk you through our past work and give you some inspiration. At this point you can bring in any outside inspiration. Consider the sky the limit; anything you would like to have in your home, you can. We just need to decide if it fits within the budget and if not, what modifications we can make to still deliver on the vision you have. This general discussion will include all exterior and interior renovations you would like to make, as well as any additions or structural changes. Following an initial meeting, we will create two options for you to choose from, along with our recommendations. If your project is especially difficult or requires lot of permitting, we may need to have one more meeting


Once you approve the plan and the permitting process is complete, we will begin construction and renovation. Depending on how extensive the renovation is you may have to live elsewhere, but this will all be decided in the planning stage. Once we have dealt with any structural issues and changes, we will bring you in to decide on the details. This includes all finishes, colors, and themes. You will work with our team of talented interior and/or exterior designers who can provide advice and ultimately give you the space you dreamed of.


If you are looking for a smaller scale project or interested in just getting some advice on interior design, one of our consultants can assist. Based on a series of meetings and information from you, a consultant can provide a plan and the necessary resources for you to move ahead with your project. At this point, you can also choose our Home Renovation option.


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